I am so proud and grateful for all of the brands on the list under! Please take contact with me if you wonder anything! 


MUSH is a brand with only natural and clean dog and cat food! Only based on natural raw products. 
Pleace take a look at the link below to get more information! 


Jenni Lehtinen

Veterinarian/chiropractor, she keep my dogs fit for fight and take care if there is anything going on with their body! 


A training course at Eidsvoll Verk where my dogs can run free, train agility and have a lot of fun! 


Eva Marie Wergård

Mental training and training sessions! How to keep my mind on track during big competitions! 

Breeder Team Shetland Sheepdog

Breeder of Shetland Sheepdog. Thank you for all the support and all my perfect shelties! 


Rikke Masternes

Webdesigner. Thank you for all the help with my webpage! Take contact with her if you need help to fix a wegpage!



Subsidies for the dogs during and after hard trainings or competitions! Quality and easy to use! 


Floramicato -hundeleker

Floramicato have the perfect and most funny toys for dogs! Colorful and something that fits all dogs! Take a look at their facebook page!

Himlefoto - fotograf Gry Himle
Pictures of me and my dogs!