About me


Foto: Himlefoto, Gry Himle


I like to train easy, positive and with a goal that the dogs can succeed and have fun. On my classes and trainings I challenge you as a handler and want that everyone can go home with a lot of motivation, sense of achievement, new challenges, solutions on possible problems and have fun working with your dog!

Foto: Marc Gaub

My name is Ina Himle, I am a young girl with passion for the dogsport -agility. I have grown up in this sport since both of my parents have been doing agility as long as I can remember. 

As a 9 year old girl (2005) my grandparents bought a sheltie, Nikki, that would be my competition dog. She though my a lot about training dog, motivation and a lot more. Together with her I got to run my first Norwegian Championship. Beside this passion for agility I have a bachelor in Global Health Nutrition from the University OSLOMET and I also have a big interest in nutrition in dogs. 

After I moved from the west part of Norway my dream was to get my OWN dog, and in 2011 I got enough money to buy my first own dog, Kee. Kee have also learned me a lot in agility and in 2015 I ran my first AWC and Nordic Championship. My biggest dream became true! And beside this we travelled a lot and compeeted Junior European Open, European Open,  World Championship, Nordic Championship, Norwegian Championship and International Sheltie Competition.

Early in 2015 it came a new sheltie in our house, Wii. Wii is my soulmate, the kindest and most happy dog i know. Together with him we blimbed to class 3 faster than fast and qualified for AWC as 2 years old. Big big dreams has become reality with him <3

Christmas in 2016 little Chi moved in with us, at the same time Kee got to live with my sister Gry. Chi is a son after Wii, a little guy with A LOT of capacity and motivations to work! As 3,5 month old puppy he broke his foot running down some stairs and that further marked our journey together. Today he is 3 years old and healthy. We enjoy training together and I hope to find his “code” one day to make us a dreamteam! 

In middle of Covid little Jet moved from Mallorca to Norway <3  He is a tiny, furry little guy <3 Jet is a smart little boy and have had an amazing start of his carreer already! 

Together with all my amazing dogs I am honored to have experienced BIG things, big dreams has been fulfilled, and experiences for life are with us for a lifetime!  

Some achievements:

Wii (Norwegian/Swedish/Danish Jumping and Agility Champion)

Gold Nordic Championship Individual 2019

2nd place Jumping European Open 2019
Qualified for European Open Individual + Team Final

1st place Fionia Cup Final 2019

Gold Norwegian Championship 2019
1st place Swedish Open Final 2019
Gold in World Championship Jumping 2018

2nd place Norwegian Open Final 2018

Gold Nordic Championship Team 2018

3rd place Hula Hoop Final 2018

8th place in Jumping World Championship 2017

Silver in Team at Nordic Championship 2017

National Team for World Championship/EO/Nordic: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

Jet (Norwegian and Swedish Jumping Champion, Norwegian Agility Champion)

Participated in World Agility Open 2022, 2023

3rd place in Gambler Final WAO 2023

Silver Norwegian Championship 2023

Part of the national team for EO/Nordic 2023
Silver medal at Biathlon WAO 2024
2nd place in Biathlon final 2024

Kee - Norwegian/Swedish Jump Champion, Norwegian/Swedish Agility Champion

Gold in Team Competition at ISAC (International Sheltie Competition) 2015

8th place European Open Final 2015

Silver Individual Norwegian Championship 2015

Silver in Team at Nordic Championship 2015

Participated in World Championship 2015

Silver Junior Norwegian Championship 2014

Gold Junior Norwegian Championship 2013