Foundation basic and foundation handling

Foundation skills basic - improve your foundation skills! 
Foundation skills handling - get better understanding for the handling

Duration: 12 weeks

For you that want to give your younger dog a good understanding from the beginning! Or if you have an older dog that you want to improve his/her foundation skills! There is given several tasks every 2nd week, with explanations and some videos to show what I mean. 

What will we be learning during this weeks?

  • Reward!! - When, how and how much?
  • Tunnels - drive, speed, entrances, rearcross
  • Tight turns - how to teach left/right collection turns
  • “in” - inside jump 
  • Out - backside jump 
  • “Come to hand”
  • Some discrimination 
  • Speed, forward command

Perfect for you that just have attended foundation skills basic or for you that already have the basic foundations on your dog! I this class we will build more independence and understanding for our handling movements. The last foundations to get ready for competitions! 

What will we be learning during this weeks?

  • Different starts - focus on obstacles 
  • Frontcrosses 
  • Rearcrosses
  • Blindcrosses 
  • S-turn/german turn 
  • Flick 
  • Serpentines 
  • More discrimination
  • Layering 
  • Different combinations

Prices auditor: 120 Euro 
Price with feedback: 170 Euro