Jet´s puppy journey

Jet´s Puppy Journey 

Follow Jet growing up and exploring the world!

In this class you can follow us in our training, our life together, struggles, my thoughts about things we meet on the road, get answers on what you wonder in my puppy training and more! 

My main focus will be to create a calm, cool, fun and smart little dog. During this class I will also show you how to make the puppy tricks REALLY useful in your future agility (all sport) career and training! Of course it will also we useful for all puppies and also older dogs!

The class follow Jet from 15 weeks old and until 8,5 months old. 
The class is written as a weekly diary, so it is easy to find what we did on the age of your puppy. 

Prices: Norwegian participants 495 NOK, International participants 49 Euro

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